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Europcar in France

Renting a car in France allows you to enjoy diverse landscapes from the stunning beaches on the French Riviera, lush Alpine villages, or the romantic lavender fields of Provence. If you’re coming to France for pleasure or business, Europcar has the suitable car rental for you. And if you’re traveling as a family there are several large models, as well as luxury and van rental options.

Europcar France has 365 stations across the country; including French territories further afield in Martinique, and Ajaccio on the beautiful island of Corsica. If you’re flying in to France, you can pick up your Europcar vehicle in major airports such as Paris, Nice, Lyon and be on the road straight after you land.

Europcar car rental specific offers and benefits in France

Europcar customers can benefit from several optional advantages when they rent a car in France.

Get your return journey for next to nothing, with our One Way for €1 offer. Return your car to a specific station and you get your car rental for only €1. Why? Our vehicles are often needed the next day in other cities, but relocating them is expensive. By bringing the car back to a specific destination, you’re doing us a huge favor. With 48 to 72 hours to complete the journey, there are several different routes across France - never more than a few hours’ drive. Choose the most convenient route for you, and get car rental in France for €1.

Save time at the pickup desk with Online Check-In. This free online service means you can fill in your documents and credit card details beforehand and you can save valuable time at the check-in desk. Just a signature or two, and you’ll be on your way.

Driving in France

In France, cars drive on the right. At junctions, you must give way to vehicles approaching from both directions.

In France, it is prohibited to drive while using headsets or headphones, whether using them to listen to music or make phone calls. If you are caught, there is a €135 fine.

In France, you must respect the following speed limits: 130 km/h on autoroutes, 110 km/h on four-lane roads, 90 km/h on other road types, and 50 km/h in built up areas.

In wet weather conditions, motorway speed limits are 20 km/h less than in dry conditions. If your visibility is less than 50 meters, the speed limit is 50 km/h on all road types.


Why choose Europcar in France

  • Recent vehicles
  • No hidden charges
  • Daily, weekly, monthly, short and long term car rental
  • Stations everywhere in France
  • Fast service

Europcar rental locations in France

Featured locations

Rodez Airport
Address: Aeroport Rodez Aveyron, 12330, Salles La Source, France.
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Saintes Railway Station
A: 41 Avenue De La Marne. 17100, Saintes, France.
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