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Pick up a car rental in Lörrach and discover a lively city with a wonderful blend of cultures. In the tri-border region and with close connections to both France and Switzerland, this German town boasts a brilliant range of influences. The city also has a reputation for its picturesque market places, welcoming street cafés and historic buildings, making it an excellent place to relax.

Be sure to visit top attractions, like the imposing ruins of Rötteln Castle, which overlooks the city from the steep eastern slopes of the Wiesental Valley. Sweet-toothed travelers will also love checking out the Milka Factory, where you can find out more about the popular chocolate brand. You can also learn about the city and its three distinct cultural strands in the Dreilandermuseum, or browse the Museum am Burghof.

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Address: Schwarzwaldstrasse 53, 79539, Loerrach, Germany.
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