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Europe’s Most Popular Road Trips

Europe is made for exploring. You’ll find intriguing outposts, classic cities and so much in the way of stop-you-in-your-tracks scenery. We’ve done the hard work for you and analysed just under 7 million #roadtrip hashtags across Instagram to discover those must-see marvels in Europe.

Dive in and start planning your next European expedition.

Explore the Routes for Yourself

To help you discover road trip royalty we’ve created an interactive experience of the top 10 most talked about routes in Europe according to Instagram. We’ve even pinpointed some fun stops along the way that will make you the envy of your Instagram followers.

Where are the most popular #roadtrip hot spots?

This is it. These are the cities, countries and routes where European adventure abounds. Intrepid explorers in Europe use the #roadtrip hashtag the most in these locations. And if you were there, you’d do it too. Go on, check them out.

Top 10 Cities
Top 10 Countries
Top 10 Routes
        August Most popular month for #roadtrips with 1,001,727 posts
        There have been 6,946,375 #roadtrip posts on social media in the past 2 years!
        Paris is the most popular city in Europe for road trips

        Most Instagrammed #roadtrip attractions

        This is what we’re talking about. This is what those on a continental quest have been showcasing to the world. These are the hotspots and attractions that are most hashtagged alongside #roadtrip.


        The World’s Most Popular Roadtrips has been brought to you by Europcar.

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        The list of road trip hotspots was compiled by analysing over 47 million social media posts from across Instagram that used the hashtag “#roadtrip” between 2016 and 2017 and was sourced via Crimson Hexagon. The locations of these posts were then ranked by volume at a country level, state level and city level to show where in the world the ‘roadtrip’ hashtag was most popular.

        To discover the most popular road trip routes, the most mentioned locations were analysed to map popular routes between two or more locations over five markets (USA, UK/Europe, France, Australia and Worldwide).

        In order to understand the most Instagrammed hotspots and attractions, a sample of posts were taken from the most popular regions and mentions of attractions were then weighted with the volume of posts from that region to create a list of the most popular attractions to visit on a road trip.