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Fuel Efficient

These cars consume less fuel and have lower CO2 emissions than conventional cars. Manufacturers have introduced improvements such as lighter vehicles and start-stop systems to boost efficiency and reduce emissions in a cost-effective way.

Vehicle emissions contribute to the increasing concentration of gases resulting in climate change and are the third largest source of greenhouse gases in the UK.

The engineering changes have little effect on performance. Fuel efficiency doesn't mean that cars are boring or less exciting than their less fuel efficient counterparts.



Pure electric powered vehicles run on batteries alone, producing no tailpipe emissions at all. They typically have a range of around 100 miles and take around eight hours to fully recharge. Rapid charge points makes it possible to fully recharge in around 30 minutes.

Electrical vehicles reduce our overall dependency on oil. Weight-for-weight they are far more efficient than conventionally powered cars.

Drivers looking for high performance cars now have a superlative range of electric cars to take into account. The future direction of the industry is shown clearly by the fact that most companies are racing each other to market with high performance electrical cars.



Hybrid cars offer much of the clean, green benefits of electric vehicles, but with the driving range of a conventionally powered vehicle. Automatically switching between power source depending on speed, engine load and battery charge level. The battery is charged by the combustion engine, when it's running.

These vehicles typically reduce pollutants by up to 90% and CO2 emissions by around 50%.

With the pace of technology improvements, manufacturers are now falling over themselves to produce truly fast hybrids with V6 engines and more powerful electrical motors.



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