Lexus rental: Discover our fleet

There’s no reason why luxury can’t be affordable and reliable. Lexus vehicles are the gold standard in luxury cars that also deliver in terms of drivability and practicability. Car enthusiasts know that there is no other driving experience quite like getting behind the wheel of a Lexus. Find out what luxury driving feels like for yourself with the Lexus car rental services from Europcar.

From Sports Cars to Sedans and SUVs

Lexus is well known as Toyota’s luxury vehicle division and brings the same discipline and commitment to quality that Toyota is known for. The name itself is said to be a combination of the words ‘luxury’ and ‘elegance’. Lexus began as a top-secret Toyota project to build the world’s best saloon which eventually brought about the release of the famed Lexus LS in 1989. Lexus continues to push the boundaries of automotive technology and is now one of the world’s top makers of both luxury and everyday vehicles.

Luxury and Technology Combined

With a Lexus, you’ll get incredible craftsmanship combined with fantastic fuel economy and high safety standards. You can choose luxury models like the sleek Lexus ES saloon or the sporty Lexus LC or opt for spacious SUVs like the Lexus RX and LX as well as family movers like the Lexus CT.

Why Rent a Lexus with Europcar?

Let yourself experience real luxury driving and rent a Lexus from Europcar. You can get great deals on daily, weekly, or monthly rentals. It’s easy to rent a Lexus with Europcar via our App or through our website. 

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