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Make the Move to Electric Today

Join the Electric revolution and book an Electric car with Europcar !
You can be confident with an Electric Car autonomy of up to 500km, plus all the tools you need to charge at home or by the roadside.


Why customers prefer Europcar

  • 24 hour roadside assistance

  • No hidden charges

  • 24/7 service in most major airports

  • Only new rental cars

Why Choose Electric

    1. Charge at home or at over 350,000 roadside locations with all cables provided
    2. Free parking in many cities + no city restrictions in low emission zones
    3. When you rent an electric car from Europcar will you be helping to reduce your carbon footprint without constraints!
    4. Electric vehicles allows you to drive in the low emission zone (Free parking is available in many cities across Europe with no access restrictions to low emission zones) & get you ready for the future restrictive public policies.
    5. If you rent an electric car for business, the lower environmental impact will endorse your CSR policy.
    6. Benefit from latest vehicles with best autonomy.
    7. Drive recent vehicles with full capacity batteries.
    8. Equipped with the latest safety, communications, and infotainment technology, you are protected and connected.
    9. Our vehicles are provided with the right cables* for local charging infrastructure (standard charging cables or domestic cables).
    10. Electric vehicles can be charged on public charge poles which deliver charging speed up to 5X higher than domestic sockets and enable safe charging.
    11. In case you are not interested in installing a charge point at home, you can still use a domestic socket, with a 7 hour charge time providing enough electricity for a 500km journey.
    12. * Some differences may arise due to local specificities.

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