Why Rent an Electric Car?


Advantages of renting electric

When you rent an electric car with Europcar we are helping to reduce your carbon footprint without constraints!
Electric car rental allows you to drive in the low emission zone (Free parking is available in many cities across Europe with no access restrictions to low emission zones) & get you ready for the future restrictive public policies.
If you rent an electric car for your company, the lower environmental impact will endorse your CSR policy.
Benefit from the latest vehicles with best autonomy.
Drive recent vehicles with full capacity batteries.
Equipped with the latest safety, communications, and infotainment technology, you are protected and connected.

Electric vehicles

Electric, Hybrid, Plug-in: What are the differences ?

Electric Vehicles

  • Car having only an electric engine and a rechargeable battery.
  • Minimal fuel costs (80% savings), quiet, easy to drive, no CO2 emissions.

Hybrid Vehicles

  • Car with a thermal engine to which is added an electric engine and a non-rechargeable battery.
  • Reduced fuel consumption in town and less CO2 emissions.

Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles

  • Drives between 50 and 60 km in electric mode, then switches to hybrid when the battery is empty.
  • Lower fuel consumption compared to the standard hybrid, more range in electric mode, economical.



Autonomy / Range


Electric Vehicle Usage

Quick Start Guide

Vehicle Instructions

Getting started with electric vehicles ? Download our guide and find out evrything there is to know about electric vehicles!