- Black Outs period 21/12/2017 to 26/12/2017 on following locations : TXLT01, SXFT01, BERC02, BERC01, BERE01, BERN01, BERS01, BERW01, BERW04, BERC05, BERE02, BERE03, BERE04, BERN03, BERN04

- Black out period 21/12/2017 to 31/12/2017 on following locations : MUCT01, MUCN01, MUCN02, MUCS04, MUCC01, MUCL01 , MUCE01, MUCE02, MUCS10, MUCW01, MUCC10, MUCE11, MUCN05, MUCS06, MUCS08, MUCS09, FRAT01, FRAT02, FRAL01, FRAE02, FRAC03, FRAC04, FRAN06, FRAW01, FRAS02, QLHC01,  QLHN10, FRAN05

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