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Rent a car in Paderborn and discover a charming city in eastern North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. If you’d like to start exploring the magic of this location as soon as you arrive, book early through our easy booking system and you’re on your way. Simple.

Paderborn is located at the spring of the Pader River. Interestingly, it’s a German centre for American sports. Baseball fans can catch a Paderborn Untouchables game, and American Football devotees can see the Paderborn Dolphins in action. There’s even a basketball team – the Paderborn Baskets.

Take a trip to this enchanting German location and start ticking off an exciting wealth of attractions. Give yourself the freedom to plan your own schedule with a cheap car rental in Paderborn and look forward to the journey of a lifetime. Wedding car rentals are also available in this location, should you wish to plan your special day there.

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Address: Bahnhofstrasse 88, 33102, Paderborn, Germany.
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