Car Rental in Poitiers, France

Pick up a car rental in Poitiers to explore this charming, cobbled city at your own pace. Perched on a hilltop and overlooking two rivers, Poitiers offers some lovely views as well as a number of excellent attractions. Use your Poitiers car rental to visit one of France's most famous churches, the Notre Dame la Grande. Boasting a baroque façade that's perfectly illuminated by a colorful light show during the summer months, it's a real highlight. 

Other churches well worth a visit include the gothic Cathédrale St-Pierre and the historic Baptistère St-Jean. Do also check out the Palais des Comtes de Poitou, which used to be a seat for Dukes and Counts and boasted Europe's largest dining hall. It now houses law courts but the exterior remains inspiring. 

Ready for an adventure? Book a cheap car rental in Poitiers and look forward to getting to know this delightful city, your way.

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Poitiers Airport
Address: Biard Airport, 86000, Poitiers, France.
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Poitiers Railway Station
A: 48 Boulevard Du Grand Cerf. 86000, Poitiers, France.
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