Car Rental in Nîmes, France

Collect a car rental in Nimes and discover the delights of one of Europe's oldest cities. Located in the South of France, Nimes was used by the Romans as a stopping off point between Rome and Spain, and their influence can still be felt in the many fantastic baths and monuments left behind. Use your Nimes car rental to explore highlights like the Maison Carré – an amazing temple to Emperor Augustus, and Les Arènes – a Roman amphitheatre that remains in such good condition that it's still in use today. 

Immerse yourself in a little of Nimes' fascinating culture with a visit to the fine art museum, be inspired by the spectacular Nimes Cathedral and pick up a few local delicacies at the central food market, Les Halles.

Ready for an adventure? Pick up a cheap car rental in Nimes and fall in love with the city, your way.

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Nimes West Delta
Address: Cours De Dion Bouton Km Delta, 30000, Nîmes, France.
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Nimes Railway Station
A: 1 Rue Saint Felicite (tunnel Gare). 30000, Nîmes, France.
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