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At Europcar, we aim to have our rental stations in locations which are easy to find.  But airports are often complex and having an address is not always enough.


Because your time is precious and because we do not want you to lose your way when looking for a Europcar station in a city you do not know, we suggest that you download our POI (point of interest) file and load all Europcar locations in your navigation system:


Download in ov2 format (TomTom)

Download in asc format (Via Michelin, Navigon)

Download in csv format (Garmin)


We recommend reading the user manual of your GPS in order to install these files.

Rental location not mapped correctly?

We try as far as possible to have correct positioning of our locations on maps. However, errors may occur due to low geographical coverage in some countries.
Do not hesitate to send us any location coordinates you would like us to modify.

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