Maxus Euniq 5

Maxus Euniq 5

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We present you a 100% electric 7-seater crossover that offers space, practicality and versatility. Its exterior design is modern and elegant, and its spacious interior is full of practical details.
  • Vehicle 5+2 seats.
  • Autonomy: 260km
  • Power: 177CV
Available in Madrid and Barcelona.
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Discover its main features

What autonomy does it have?

The Maxus Euniq 5 is ideal for urban journeys, it can travel up to 260km on a single charge.

How to load it?

The Euniq 5's charging socket is on the left side of the front grille. To use it, you have to move a plastic cover laterally and remove the protective plastics that cover the connectors. Keep in mind that this model does not show the percentage of remaining battery unless the recharging cable is connected, what appears is an autonomy figure that can vary depending on the driving mode, so it is better not to rush the battery to avoid running out of charge on the road.

How long does it take to load?

Slow recharge with alternating current: Supports a maximum power of 6.3 kW – Full recharge in 11 hours. Fast recharge with direct current up to 50kW – Recharge in 1h45min. Fast recharge with direct current from 0 to 80%: 1h and 15 min.

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From the Newmotion App you will be able to see where the nearest charging points are and, in case you need it, you will have a technical assistance service available 24/7.
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