Jeep Rental: ready for an off-road trip?

Whatever rugged adventure you have planned, a Jeep car rental will be perfect. Jeeps were originally designed for off-road terrain with their 4x4 capabilities, but they are just as at home on-road. Whether you’re driving through a forest or driving to a meeting, a Jeep car rental is a great choice.

Created for any adventure

Jeeps were created for World War 2 and they were designed to cope with any terrain. Jeep still has this approach at heart, but has now added on style and comfort to their vehicles. Jeeps are designed to drive you safely through anything, whether it be through a river or up a slippery slope. They are incredibly popular cars and they sold over 600K units in the 90’s, proving that their adventurous spirit is perfect for everyone.

Freedom in a 4x4

Jeeps and freedom go hand-in-hand and if you are planning a vacation in the countryside or the mountains, a Jeep could be an ideal choice. Models like the Jeep Wrangler and Cherokee combine a bold American spirit with style and comfort. Their modern SUVs are a popular choice, even for city driving. 

Your Jeep car rental at Europcar

With 3,835 locations in more than 140 countries worldwide Europcar is happy to help with your Jeep car rental. We have flexible daily, weekly and monthly contracts as well as the possibility to check-in online with our Europcar app. Our fleet will always meet your needs and we offer a large selection of automatic, convertible and sports cars, as well as a wide range of electric and prestige vehicles. Our loyalty program for regular customers provides discounts and benefits for our privilege members. Whether you’re looking for a smart sedan for a business meeting or a rugged Jeep for an adventure, you’ll find the perfect rental with Europcar.