Discover all the various products you can get access to when renting a van and truck at Europcar

With over 60 years’ experience in the car rental industry, you can trust us to make your rental experience simple and hassle-free. We have an extensive range of recent models of van and truck to hire with flexible self-drive solutions for the short term and long term. Europcar offers great value van and truck rentals to help you get the job done, whether you are moving to a new home, setting up your older child at Uni, bringing home a bulky purchase, or disposing of waste from your garden. Discover the van and truck products you can get access to with Europcar so you can always have it your way.

Van hire drop off different location: Pick up at point A, drop off at point B

For total flexibility and convenience, you can pick up a rental van or a truck in one of our 856 stations in Europe and Australia and drop it off at the end of the rental period in a different Europcar station. This way you will not have to return the vehicle to the initial place of pick up and it can save you a lot of time.

One Way van rental: drive from one city to another for a really cheap price!

Europcar often needs to relocate a particular vehicle (car or van), to be sent to one of our stations for its next rental, or so we can return it to the manufacturer. So, if you need a van for a day and don't mind which van model you drive, our One Way rental option is for you. All our vehicles are in great condition, so you will always enjoy a quality drive with Europcar. If you are interested in relocating one of our vans, you will get up to 24 hours. You also have a mileage allowance included in the price as well as a Basic Protection, which reduces your excess amount in case of damage to the vehicle. You can add more protection at the rental location if you wish.

Deliver & Collect : van delivery and collection service

Our product Deliver & Collect gives you the ultimate convenience of having your rental van come to you - giving you time to finish preparations, packing your belongings or wrangle the kids before setting off. As part of our 'Safety Programme', and to support the ongoing focus relating to social distancing, we have introduced this additional service where you no longer have to enter our rental station, simply pick up your van keys directly at the car park reducing the amount of people you come into contact with. One of our team members will welcome you there to safely hand over the vehicle keys and the rental agreement to you.

Flexible Long Term Van Hire

Europcar has enveloped long term van rental solutions if you're looking to hire a van without the hassle of complicated contracts or the long commitment of a lease. You can then rent a van for several weeks up to 24 months, in a flexible way and always with the quality of service you can expect from Europcar. Discover our long term van rental services and find the solution that fit your needs, whether you are a private customer or a professional