When do you need to rent a van or a truck with Europcar ?

Renting a van or a small truck can be an ideal solution for those times when your car is just not big enough. Whether you plan to move to a new flat, transport bulky items you have just purchased, or travel with a large group of friends; hiring a van offers a more flexible mode of transport to help you save time and money. Options are available if you need to rent a van either for long term or short term.

Moving truck: rent a van when moving house for a hassle-free removal

Moving into a new flat or house is exciting but it can also be a stressful and expensive experience. If you do have family members or friends to give you a hand, renting a van instead of hiring professional removalists or a man-with-a-van hire can be three times cheaper, allow you to move your belongings at your own pace and in one trip. You can rent the van model and size that fits your needs, and for the period of time that is more suitable for you; for a couple of hours or for over several days. You can then organize your removal more easily and get enough time to pack, unpack, then pack again without the additional pressure of the strict schedule imposed by a professional removalist company. So once you have the van, call a few friends, get the boxes ready, put the cat or the dog in its carrier and let the moving being! For the packing, follow your precious tips in our moving guide
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Hire a transit van to transport heavy or bulky items

Do you need to pick up a second-hand antique wardrobe you have always dreamed of ? Or do you want to move some of your gym equipment or your piano to your holiday house ? Obviously none of those bulky items will fit in a car, then hiring a van to transport those larger goods is the most practical and safest option. By following proper loading and unloading technique of items in your van, you maximise space and reduce the risk of damaging goods during a move. Check our tips on how to efficiently pack a van
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Luggage-heavy holidays ? Book a rental van or minibus

Have you planned a road-trip this summer with a small group of friends ? Or are you heading on a skiing holiday with your family and all the required equipment? Transporting your bulky luggage to and from the airport or all the way from home to your holiday rental can be an unpleasant experience in itself, unless you rent a small van or a 7-seater car to make the process run much more smoothly, allowing you to get into the holiday spirit as soon as possible. Discover Europcar large choice of vans and car models that can accommodate up to 9 passengers
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Van rental solutions for businesses

Are you a tradesman or do you need to use a van or a small truck for your commercial activities? Discover Europcar van rental plans for short or longer term with van or car rental solutions dedicated to businesses
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