Wedding Car Rental: The Perfect Car for your Big Day

Why Choose a Wedding Car Rental at Europcar

Premium experience:

Europcar offers a wide range of very comfortable and stylish luxury cars you can rent for the duration of the wedding or the honeymoon.

The latest features:

Thanks to Europcar, you can enjoy a luxury car with the latest safety and entertainment features for a top-notch performance.


Europcar offers a wide range of vehicles, including luxury cars and convertibles. You can choose the best car according to your wedding. You can either rent the car for the duration of the wedding or for much longer; it all depends on your plans.

Easy-access vehicles:

We, at Europcar, do our best to facilitate your rides and give you the best car rental experience. In order to do so, you have quick and easy online access to our platform to book any type of vehicle you want for as long as you want. We also have many rental locations in different cities and near airports, so you can easily access your rental car.

Why Rent with Europcar

First of all, we, at Europcar, know the importance of your personal data. You can safely use our website, as we have implemented all the necessary measures to protect your personal data. 
When you choose to rent a car, you choose flexibility. You can choose short- or long-term rentals as well as the type of rental vehicle (e.g., cars, vans and trucks, or luxury cars). We also strive to offer the best rates to our customers.
Being rewarded for renting a car? That’s right! Thanks to Europcar’s Privilege Loyalty Program, you can unlock extra rewards for renting a car.