Family Car Rental - Find the perfect family ride at Europcar

Affordable Family Van Rental Services from Europcar

Forget about cramming the kids into a small sedan! Get all the space you need with the amazing family van rental services from Europcar. If you are tired of struggling to fit your entire family into a small vehicle, then a family van will be the perfect fit for you. Don’t want to take multiple cars for a day trip? You don’t have to! Europcar makes travelling with the family easy.

Five Reasons to Rent a Family Van

  • It’s spacious! Renting a family van for a day, a week, or even a month will give you the ability to move as many people as you like in comfort and safety. 
  • It’s cheaper! If you are going places in a group, a family van is much more economical than taking separate vehicles.
  • It’s roomy! A family van lets you relax and enjoy the ride without being cramped. There’s plenty of space for luggage, equipment, or the kids’ favourite toys!
  • It’s always packed with more! Family vans are packed with extra features that normal-size sedans and compacts just don’t have. Sliding doors make getting in and out of tight spots easier, there are plenty of places to put drinks and snacks, and you can even get separate climate control.
  • It’s funny! Renting a family van means you can pile in with friends or family and enjoy the experience of travelling together.

Easy Family Van Rental with Europcar

It couldn’t be easier to rent a family van with Europcar! You can book the van of your choice online or with our mobile app. We offer fantastic discounts, have a huge range of vans and allow you to rent for as long or as short a time as you wish! Book a family van rental with Europcar today!