Rent a car with all the snow equipment

Be safe this winter with the essential equipment. As the weather conditions change and the roads become more challenging, Europcar offers the products you need to stay safe this winter.

New legislation in France : “Mountain law”

The Mountain Law (Décret n° 2020-1264, October 16th, 2020) includes the obligation for the drivers to have winter equipment (snow or winter tires, or anti-slipping equipment like chains or snow socks) in areas defined by the Authorities, starting November 1st of each year, until the 31st of March of the following year. 

The driver of the vehicle must have at least one of these equipments in some towns and cities, in a selection of French Departments.

The driver violating these regulations will incur a €135 fine, and a possible immobilization of the vehicle.

The equipment available from Europcar :

In areas where the law applies, Europcar offers you the following equipment, which may vary depending on the agency: 

  • Textile snow socks: €3 per day, with a maximum of 7 days (€21 maximum). If weather conditions require you to use this equipment, you will not be charged anything additional provided you bring the equipment back. 

  • Snow tires 

  • Metal chains

For some car models, textile socks are not suitable based on the recommendations of the manufacturers. Instead, metal or specific chains will be provided under the same conditions.

You can reserve this equipment when you make your booking, after your booking is in your account or when you pick up your vehicle.