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Long Term Rental Starting from 1 month: Discover DuoFlex

With Duoflex you have the ability to rent a different size vehicle for 4 days per month on top of your monthly vehicle. You can choose from economy or compact categories, SUVs, electric cars, or Light Commercial vehicles.
We can support you as well in your green transition with this solution: With Duoflex, you can rent a vehicle on a monthly basis. And you can try electric vehicles 4 days a month, as part of the package. We offer charging options, CO2 reports, and customer support. Without commitment, you can stop renting whenever you want.

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No commitment needed
Choice of contract length from just 1 month without penalties for early exit.
No upfront costs
Unlike leasing, we do not require a large upfront payment.
Immediate fleet availability Immediate delivery. Change your vehicle when your needs change, without penalty
Low-emission partner
Alternative to fuel vehicles, Charging solutions, CO2 reporting.


”I need full flexibility, I don't want to commit for a long duration”

The most flexible rentals for one month or more. No commitment or penalties.


“I can commit for 3 months+, as I am looking for the best rates”

Flexible rentals with very low commitment at a very competitive rate.

Low emission vehicles without contraints

Electric Vehicles

  • Discover our electric vehicles and hybrids.
  • Discover our charging solutions, and much more...
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  • Packages & durations depend on the country. Some differences may arise due to local specificities.
  • DuoFlex is available in the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Germany, and France. Some differences may arise due to local specificities. Duration depends on the country. Availability depends on the country.
  • At the time of subscription, a customer account will be created granting access to our free loyalty program Europcar Privilege and its dedicated online booking platform. The 2 vehicle rentals of 2 days included in the subscription should be booked in advance on the Privilege website and exclusively via the Privilege email sent after the start of the long-term rental. Specific conditions apply and are available here.
  • SuperFlex is available in United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Ireland, Finland, and Germany.
  • Some differences may arise due to local specificities.
  • More information about long-term Solutions per country of check out are available here: France, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Ireland, Finland, Germany.