What type of vehicle?

Electric mobility for Business customers

Electric mobility is gaining increasingly significance and is in today's time more important than it has ever been. It is also a topic that h
as a high priority at Europcar and has become a topic of importance in our daily business. Therefore, we are continuously expanding our fleet of electric vehicles and our network of networks where EVs are available.
Is electric mobility a topic of interest and i
mportance for you or your company? Then switch now and book an electric vehicle or a hybrid vehicle in selected locations in Germany for your next trip! Learn more.

What are the benefits ?

Choosing to use electric mobility includes many benefits for you and your company: It produces less Co2-emissions, they are more quiet and in most cases they are more cost-effective compared to classic combustion engines. Additionally, parking is cheaper or even for free in most cities when driving an electric vehicle and you can benefit from tax advantages. Contact us now and be part of the switch

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The Audi e-tron

A new way of driving. The all-electric Audi e-tron

impresses with an elegant, sporty appearance,

incomparable drive and modern charging


Another convincing factor:The range. With a

range of up to 440 km, it is quite suitable for

long distances and the right alternative to the

combustion engine for business customers as

well. Benefit from a fast charging time of less

than one hour at DC charging stations and a

drive of 408 PS.

How does charging work ?

With our Partner Shell Recharge it is easy and comfortable to charge your EV, due to the charging cards it is possible to charge your EV in more than 35 countries at more than 270.000 charging points. The Charging cards are available for free on request. You desire a charging station at your premises? No problem! Having a charging station or a wallbox in your near is a great way to safely and quickly charge your EV. Alternatively you can also charge your vehicle via a regular household socket. And the best part of it: As a Europcar customer, you benefit from an exclusive offer for installing your own charging station.

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What is new ? Check Out our E-vans

You are interested in electric vehicles, however, they are all too small for your needs? You desire an EV that can transport larger goods or a higher quantity of goods? We have the perfect solution. For you: E-Vans. They are brand new in our fleet. Be the first to test our E-Sprinter!

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You want to test an EV for one month or longer? Make use of our Long-Term Solutions!

From long-term rental to mobility subscriptions - with our flexible alternatives to purchasing or leasing a vehicle, we offer the right solution to cover your mobility needs. With the option of flexible cancellation, the cost efficiency of longer usage and the option to rent a second vehicle for an additional 2 x 2 days per month, we offer you the perfect framework to try out an e-vehicle for a period of time.

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