A car only when you need one ! No sign up fees or monthly membership fees. Do you need to pick up the kids from school, do the groceries or run an errand? You can book a self-service car for just an hour or two.

All in 3 easy steps: Register, Book, Let's go!

Create your free account in less than 60 seconds and start browsing for cars in your Area. Choose between Car sharing, PHV/Minicab or Car rental. You've got the choice, all in one app! Let's go. Book the right car for the right occasion in a few taps. SIGN UP FREE!

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We've enhanced our app for your experience to be even more enjoyable ! The Ubeeqo app is all your mobility needs on one application. Car Sharing, Car rental and U-Driver (a driver at your door on a click of a button). Download it on the Google Play Store and iOS App Store!


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Innovative mobility for business.

Easy. Efficient. Cost effective.

We provide flexible mobility solutions because we know businesses are always changing and need solutions that adapt to their needs.

B2B Services 

Ubeeqo is known as a volume market leader in business carsharing. We are offering alternatives transports modes which are tailored by the client itself. 

Ubeeqo App for business - One single booking platform for all daily business mobility.

We provide the employees with a booking tool (online or via our App), where they can either book a car through carsharing, a car rental or a taxi. All spendings are combined through a single monthly invoice. Ubeeqo’s solutions free corporates from expense reports for all daily travels around the city.

Corporate carsharing - Ubeeqo’s alternative fleet management solution.

With Ubeeqo’s most advanced technology and service, pool cars become easy to book and manage. Company carsharing leads to fleet optimization, more sustainability, and higher employees satisfaction.

Mobility Credit - Ubeeqo’s new concept for company car.

Made for those employees of yours who prefer a flexible mobility solution. Ubeeqo’s service will enable them to spend their mobility credit as they wish on taxi, car rental, carsharing, train tickets. All bookings are encompassed in one platform, accessible online or via our App.


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