Rent a car with GPS tracking


Are you ready to have the world at your fingertips? No matter where you are on the planet, a GPS device always comes in handy. Using one of these helpful gadgets means you can reach your hotel with ease, travel to nearby attractions without going round in circles and arrive early to meetings in the city.

If you prefer to explore off the beaten track and make accidental discoveries, adventure is also effortless with GPS. Simply drive wherever you please before using your tracking system to find your way back to your hotel again!

Advice for using GPS

Ask a Europcar member of staff to explain how your GPS device works, and remember to ask any specific questions you may have. When inputting an address, be as specific as possible for the most accurate results. Familiarize yourself with the settings too, and make sure it’s secured in a position that you can see easily (particularly if you’re driving alone).

To keep the GPS safe, switch it off and put back in the box provided after use. Be sure to also keep it out of view, either in the trunk or glove box.

Car rental with inclusive GPS gives you:

A convenient way to travel
Confidence in unfamiliar territories

The freedom to explore

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Updated GPS with clear directions

The maps on our GPS devices are constantly updated and directions are clear and easy to follow, meaning you’ll never get lost. You can rent a tracking system on a day-by-day basis (although some luxury vehicles already have a system built in), and feel safe in the knowledge that you’ll always be able to reach your destination.

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