Make Your Selection among the most prestigious car brands!

Whether you strive for performance, passion, elegance or freedom, with Europcar you’ll find the perfect prestige brand to match your ambition. From Jaguar to Porsche, from Audi to Mercedes, from BMW to Range Rover, we give you a wide range of prestige car rentals for a superb driving experience. Get your hands on the world’s best high-end cars and quench your thirst for adventure!

Why choose Selection from Europcar?

Selection from Europcar offers you a vast array of luxury cars made with passion by the world’s most iconic brands. It is simple: select the specific model that you want and drive away in style!
Not only do you get a superb driving experience laying your hands on a prestige vehicle, but you also benefit from a first-class service from the moment you select your car to the moment you reach your destination. Europcar’s Priority service speeds up the check-out process, so you can hit the road in no time!
Whether you’re arriving on business or simply looking for a ride for your luxury weekend getaway — we offer prestige vehicles at most major Europcar stations in Europe and Australia. You can find Europcar Selection at participating stations.