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Move CareFree in Finland

We have several offers and services to choose from. Discover Finland and move around carefree and safely from place to place.

Clean and safe experience

Pick up, drive and return your car safely

A thourough, multi stage sanitization process of our vehicles

Sanitized key placed in a sealed envelope

Once disinfected, each vehicle is sealed and flagged as clean and safe

Europcar SeasonCar

Flexible driving at a fixed monthly price

Europcar SeasonCar is the best solution when you want flexibility with cars and services. There is no long commitment and you can even easily change the car according to your life situation.

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Weekend Offer

Get more out of the weekend

The car is the most direct, fastest and cheapest connection to all places in Finland. What if you rent a car for the weekend? Split the cost with others, and save money.

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Thank you

Offer for Frontline Workers

We want to express our gratitude to those who work on Frontlines. We offer a 30% discount on car rental. An affordable alternative to public transportation.

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Moving Oneway

When there is no need to drive back

Oneway is an effortless and inexpensive way to move from one place to another. No need to worry about driving back.

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Vans and Trucks

Check out our Vans and Trucks site

Find out more about our models, send us a message, or book a Van. Check out all the details of our Vans and Truck's fleet. It is that easy.

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