Do you desire more Bzzz instead of Brumm?

Do you just want to whiz through town or take a short trip to another city? With our vehicles from the Europcar electric fleet, you always have an ideal companion to take you to your destination. And while you're on the road, your good conscience always goes with you: Unlike gasoline or diesel vehicles, fuel costs are much lower, which makes driving even more fun! And that's not all - you can park for free in many cities and drive through all environmental zones. Take advantage of this freedom with an agile Renault ZOE for stressful traffic or with an elegant Audi e-Tron Sportsback for comfortable city trips. Whatever you choose, with Europcar you'll arrive safely at your destination, and the fun starts at our nearest branch.
Given today's challenges, electromobility is more important than ever. At Europcar, electric transportation is also a topic of high-priority. We, at Europcar, want to make electric mobility accessible to everyone and suitable for everyday use. To this end, we are constantly expanding our network of locations where e-cars can be booked and intensively training our employees on this topic. You can find an overview of our current electric locations here. In addition, a charging network of 270,000 charging points is available in cooperation with our partner Shell Recharge, so you don't have to worry about being stranded.
Europcar's Managing Director for the German market, Wolfgang Neumann, puts it in a nutshell: ''Car rental is a showcase for electromobility. With us, customers can get to know sustainable drive technologies, try them out, and thus reduce any fears they may have. We make it easier for our customers to get started with electromobility by answering their questions, finding solutions together, and doing so without any sales talk after a test drive.

The advantages of driving an electric car

Drive an electric car and enjoy many advantages: 
  • electric cars are more quiete a have a higher acceleration
  • more environmentally friendly alternative
  • in many cities parking is free or very inexpensive
And no need to worry: The range that an electric vehicle can achieve is also steadily improving and the rechargeable batteries are continuously being improved. Due to this and the good charging network in Germany and Europe, there is no reason to worry that the power will run out completely, the car will break down or that there will be no solution available.

The Renault ZOE

One of the most popular of the e-cars today: The Renault ZOE. The ZOE has just everything you need. Compact, nimble and a range of around 400 km. With up to 130 km/h, it can also keep up on the highway and should the battery be nearing the end, it also charges particularly quickly on the road. This e-car is the ideal companion for the city, but also for longer trips across the country. Also for the family.

Charge an electric car? Here's how

Charge an electric car? Here's how Charging an electric car is easy and convenient with our partner Shell Recharge. With the Shell charging card, an e-car can be charged at over 270,000 charging points in more than 35 countries.
Charging at home is also no problem: To charge an electric car safely and quickly, a special charging station for the home, known as a wallbox, is the right solution. Alternatively, an electric car can also be charged via a normal household socket.
Do you want to install a charging station at home? As a Europcar customer, you can benefit from exclusive offers from our partner Shell Newmotion.
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MyEuropcar: Quickly available - Flexible term - Large e-vehicle selection

An own car is still one of the favorite means of transportation. It offers the freedom to drive off at any time, but it can also become a burden. Financing, registration, maintenance, insurance, workshop visits and, in the end, the sale.
So what if you could just have all the benefits, without the annoying drawbacks? And that's where the myEuropcar car subscription comes in. You don't have to worry about anything anymore and you can enjoy your freedom.
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Across Germany with an e-car? It works! Quite well, in fact.

A city tour across Germany can be realized in one of our electric cars with a clear conscience.
Visit friends in Düsseldorf and then head to Nuremberg for a family celebration. But a small stop in Frankfurt would also be nice on the way? No problem: Many cities are already very well equipped in terms of charging infrastructure. And the range is also being steadily expanded and developed. So there's no need to worry about suddenly breaking down.
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