What to See in Rimini?

What To See In Rimini 1

The Italian city of Rimini has plenty to entertain everyone. As the largest coastal beach resort on the Adriatic Sea, this is a popular spot for Italians and tourists. 

Hiring a car is the ideal way to discover the whole of Rimini and its surroundings. Take your time and find out what this sophisticated city has to offer.

Marvel at the Arco d’Augusto

You’ll find this imposing arch on Rimini’s main street, the Corso di Augusto. Set against a background of modern buildings, the arch stands proud and dates back to Roman times. This is the only remaining part of a circle of defence walls built to protect the city. The wide opening represents the freedom of the city after several wars.

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Keep the kids entertained with a visit to Italia in Miniatura

Teach the children about the wonders of Italy by taking them to Italia in Miniatura. More than a traditional model village, this is a whole exhibition of the most famous buildings in Italy in scaled-down versions. Discover the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Colosseum, Venice in miniature and even the Italian lakes and mountains. There are also plenty of other fun attractions too – head for the thrilling slides of the water park, take a ride on the monorail or heighten your senses in the magical 7D cinema.

Take a selfie on the Ponte di Tiberio

At the end of the Corso di Agusto lies the famous Roman bridge, the Ponte di Tiberio. The fascinating tale of this beautiful Italian landmark says that Augustus Caesar started its construction in 14 A.D. and it was completed in 21 A.D. during the reign of Tiberius. The bridge gave access to the north of Italy and also south to Rome from Rimini. Take a relaxing walk in the nearby archaeological park and learn more about the history of the Ponte di Tiberio. The bridge looks especially beautiful in the evening when lit up, with its reflection mirrored in the river Marecchia.

Enjoy the tranquillity of Castel Sismondo

Another significant part of Rimini’s history, the internal remains of the Castel Sismondo stand in the Piazza Malatesta. The castle was originally built to represent the power and influence of Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta, a Lord of Rimini. The castle protected the city and was surrounded by a moat and high walls. Over the years the main parts of the castle were destroyed, leaving the sections that remain today. The area is today used for many cultural events and flea markets, and you’ll often find local art exhibitions here.

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Spend the day on the beach

The beaches at Rimini make a lovely place to spend the day, from sunrise to sunset. As well as sunbathing on the golden sands and taking a refreshing dip in the Adriatic Sea, you’ll find plenty of bars and restaurants offering delicious Italian food. During the evenings you’ll often be entertained by musicians and entertainers. The setting sun makes the perfect backdrop to a wonderful event. If you like to keep active, you’ll find plenty to keep you busy along the promenade, including tennis courts, beach volleyball and children’s parks.

Party in Rimini

If you get the chance to stay a few days in Rimini and you love to party, then you should visit the city’s top night spots. There are several nightclubs to choose from, all of which promise music and dancing until the early hours. For a quieter evening, your entertainment could include a trip to a concert or theatre, both of which are abundant in Rimini. If you want to have a glass or two of local Italian wine you can catch the bus, which will take you all over the city, and save the hire car for exploring in the daytime.

Be impressed by the Malatestiano Temple

This is another of Rimini’s famous historical buildings, with a religious influence. You’ll be amazed by the impressive artwork, stunning Giotto’s Crucifix and collection of religious artefacts. Initially a gothic-influence church, the temple later became a burial site for the Malatesta family who ruled Rimini for over 200 years.

Experience the real Italy in Borgo San Giuliano

Head across the Marecchia River and within 30 minutes you’ll reach the traditional area of Borgo San Giuliano. Many years ago this district was home to criminals and poverty, but today represents a pretty little area with cobbled streets and colourful buildings. Borgo San Giuliano is now a hip place to visit that its inhabitants are proud of. The streets are full of murals, coloured doorways and flowers. Spend an hour wandering the streets then stop off for a pizza or Italian coffee at one of the many bars and restaurants.

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Whether you decide to explore Rimini on foot or by hire car, every part of this beautiful city and its surrounding areas offers you a chance to explore this vibrant part of Italy.

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