Incredible tourist-free destinations to visit in the USA

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There are so many hidden gems to discover around the world we sometimes forget the beauty of what’s on our doorstep. Whether you live in the United States, have visited before or this is your first trip, here are some ideas for tourist-free destinations in the USA.

The untouched beauty of Alaska

The vast expanses of Alaska are waiting for you if you love nature and don’t mind cool weather (the secret is to wrap up warm!). This is a vast region in the far north-west of the USA with over 100,000 glaciers and mile upon mile of incredible scenery. For a truly memorable event, visit in winter and view the northern lights or see the magical midnight sun in summer.

The mystery of the Petrified Forest

Do you want to take the kids on a journey of a lifetime? The Petrified Forest in Arizona is the perfect desolate national park to discover 13,000 years of history in a day. You can take a drive through the park and marvel at the petrified logs that were enshrouded in volcanic ash millions of years ago, the stories of prehistoric people, the animals that live here, the ancient fossils and the sheer vastness of the park.

A Road In The Painted Desert, Arizona

The mystery of the Mesa Verde Rocky Mountains

One of Colorado’s best-kept secrets, the Mesa Verde (green table) in Colorado is a place where you’ll gasp in wonder at the lives of the Ancestral Pueblo people. This amazing collection of preserved dwellings built into the rock face tells the story of what life was like over 700 years ago. A great history lesson for the kids, plus a visit to create lifetime family memories.

Cliambing A 32 Ft Ladder At Mesa Verde

Authentic and untouched Vermont

If you want to get away from it all and leave the crowds behind then discover Vermont, in northeast USA. This hidden paradise boasts a host of hidden attractions to keep you busy including the haunting Emily’s bridge, the Texas Falls in the Green Mountains, and for book worms, there’s Naulakha, the house where Rudyard Kipling wrote The Jungle Book. Imagine telling the kids they can stay overnight in the house where Baloo, Mowgli and Bagheera were created!

Road, Lake, Green Mountains, Vermont, Usa

Escape to Connecticut

Family getaways, romantic breaks, special occasions… a trip to Connecticut will be like no other. This beautiful part of the USA has a surprising number of remote locations where you can escape the crowds and relax. You can stroll for hours without seeing a soul in the wilderness of Lantern Hill or Brian E. Tierney Preserve. For an overnight adventure when not set up a tent and camp at Selden Neck State Park – the only way to get to this island is by kayak! Alternatively, take a trip to Enders Island and admire the beautiful floral displays in the gardens.

Kids Having Fun Camping In Tent On The Forest Meadow

Are you looking for peace and tranquillity? Discover North Cascades National Park

Another hidden paradise off the beaten track where you’ll find peace and solitude is North Cascades National Park, near the Canadian border. The rugged scenery and stunning landscapes will make you feel like there’s no one else in the world. You can discover cascading waterfalls, ancient glaciers, deep forests and vast valleys in this truly wonderful part of North America. This is a place to connect with nature and forget the stress of everyday life. A drive through this rich area of greenery will delight, while there’s also lots to do – hiking, skiing, cycling… or simply just picnicking and enjoying the magnificent views.

Mt. Shuksan Reflected In Picture Lake At North Cascades National Park, Washington, Usa

The magic of Sioux Falls

Take the family to Sioux Falls and experience the enchanting Falls park. This region is home to many historical buildings and the spectacular waterfalls that surge down the Big Sioux River. For creative families why not take the kids to the Museum of Visual Materials, where there are plenty of arts and craft classes for all ages.

Sioux Fall Park Sunset

Family-friendly St Augustine

There’s much more to Florida than Disney. The rich heritage, narrow streets, museums and landmarks are a delight if you want to delve into the oldest city in the USA. Did you know you’ll find so many deserted beaches to explore and well the bustling city? Some beaches allow cars so why not take a picnic and make it a real family day out?

St. Augustine Florida

If you want to take the road less-traveled then get out and explore in your car and visit some of the least-known attractions in the USA.

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