City to Surf: Brisbane's Top Surf Spots

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Want to have a go at an awesome Aussie pastime (or simply watch tanned and toned locals show you how it’s done)? Queensland is definitely the place to be!

So you’re planning a getaway to beautiful Brisbane. Wow, now we are jealous. We love Brissie! And when it comes to surfing, you’ll find hitting up some waves on a board is second nature for so many of the region’s residents. We are down under after all!

The cosmopolitan city is smack-bang between the gorgeous Gold Coast and the stunning Sunshine Coast. Those are two destinations where you’ll find dozens of beaches with wild waves and prime wind conditions for surfing. That makes Brissie your sweet spot for riding some waves.

But with so many beaches to choose from, it might seem impossible to know exactly which Brisbane surf spots to put on your bucket list. That’s where we come in! Here’s a handful of awesome options that’ll take you away from the city and out on to the gorgeous Pacific Ocean.

Go big or go home at Snapper Rocks

Snapper Rocks (also known as the Superbank) is the ultimate Brisbane surf spot and not one for the faint of heart. It’s right on the Queensland-New South Wales border and is a mecca for those after huge tubes which can reach up to 8ft! Snapper Rocks also hosts numerous world-class surfing competitions, including the Roxy and Quicksilver Pro Rides.

Sound a little out of your league? Just around the corner from Snapper Rocks (named so for its eye-catching rock formations) is another surfing paradise: Duranbah Beach. It’s well-known for its consistently great swells which makes it a popular surfing location throughout the year.

If you’re up for a challenge, check the wind conditions before you go. The biggest waves around Snapper Rocks are usually seen when there’s a southwest or southerly breeze. Not too hot on your geography? Well the locals round here know all about the wind. They’ll be more than happy to help!

Distance: 75 minutes

Snapper Rocks Rd, Coolangatta QLD 4225

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Total newbie? Bag yourself some lessons at Currumbin Beach

Beginners will want to make a beeline straight for this spectacular surf spot. Nestled at the opening of Currumbin Creek, it’s part of the World Surfing Reserve and is blessed by a handful of fantastic surf schools with friendly instructors who are more than capable of showing you the ropes. Or the waves!

And depending on how you want to learn, you’ve got options! You can opt for a private tutorial, join a one-off group session or sign up for several weeks of lessons that’ll see you going from total wipe outs to tackling huge barrels. A few weeks of surfing in Oz? Now that sounds awesome.

Currumbin Beach also earns kudos with its surf museum, the only institution of its kind in Queensland and well-worth popping into in between surf breaks. You’ll also find Surf World Gold Coast lodged inside the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, just back from the shoreline. It’s home to Australia’s largest collection of surfboards!

Distance: 65 minutes

Currumbin Beach, QLD 4223


Want to follow up your surf sesh with some tasty grub? Noosa is the one

Not just boasting some epic waves that surfers of all abilities will appreciate, Noosa Beach is also littered with amazing spots to sample the local cuisine!  From hip cafés to rustic restaurants serving up seafood caught right in the bay.

And when it comes to the surfing itself? Well Noosa is a good all-rounder. It probably suits newbies best overall, but those with a little more experience will find the sea conditions perfect for a more relaxed surf session or for trying out some new moves.

Want to refuel after a couple of hours chasing waves? Is your travelling partner more interested in watching other surfers than having a go themselves? Well you can hardly blame them! You’re in luck! Noosa’s buzzing boardwalk cafés serve up all sorts of tasty goodness. Think delicious brunch spreads, local fish & chips and yummy sunset cocktails. All in sight of the surf. And surfers.

Distance: One hour 45 minutes

Noosa Heads QLD 4567

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To catch those illusive ten foot waves, Cylinder Beach is the stuff of dreams

This idyllic Brisbane surf hotspot takes you to pretty North Stradbroke Island, a gorgeous locale that’s a short car ferry ride away from the city.

Once you arrive, you’ll need to drive up to the island’s northern tip where you’ll find this picture-perfect cove. As well as working on your tan on its golden sands, Cylinder Beach has a great surfing scene. Sometimes the waves can even reach up to 10ft! Why not try to catch it on a board or catch it on your Instagram feed? Either way you’ll come home happy!

Distance: Two hours (including a 55 minute ferry ride)

Cylinder Beach, North Stradbroke Island, QLD

For those keen to go off the beaten path/wave, get yourself down to Greenmount Beach

The lesser known neighbour of Snapper Rocks, Greenmount is a bit of a local secret. First-time surfer? Gentle waves make this the perfect spot for you to find your feet on the board without wiping out in a strong swell!

You’ll have plenty of space in the crystal-clear waters to work on your balance and perfect your cutbacks and carves. When you’re ready to graduate to the next level, you’ll have a choice of trickier surfing beaches within a few minutes of Greenmount – this includes Duranbah and the popular Coolangatta.

Distance: 75 minutes

Greenmount Beach, Coolangatta, QLD


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You travelled down under to get over your ex? Well rub shoulders with local legends at Coolum Beach to really make them jealous

Is your fantasy to be sharing the waves with some of Queensland’s best names in surfing? Or just getting as close to them as possible! You’ll feel right at home at Coolum Beach.

The Sunshine Coast beach is a magnet for more experienced surfers thanks to its consistently good wave conditions, plus it’s the hometown of Aussie pro surfer Julian Wilson! If you’re not quite at competing standard, don’t rule out Coolum Beach just yet. The surf spot near Brisbane is equally as good for novices or even those who just fancy doing a little body boarding in the shallows.

Distance: 90 minutes

Coolum Beach, Queensland 4573

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