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Specific Terms per country

Please consult the specific rental requirements of the country where you will rent the vehicle using the corresponding listbox. Rental conditions per country are subject to change without prior notice. Please check at pick-up time.

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Full terms and conditions:

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Rate is inclusive of 12% VAT.

Additional driver: 
Additional Driver is available at ₱ 500.00 per day, including any applicable taxes. Up to two (2) Additional Drivers are allowed per Rental.
Unauthorised drivers are prohibited from driving the rental car. Protection Packages shall not cover any Unauthorized Driver/s.
The additional driver must be present at time of pickup and must fulfil the same age and licence criteria as the principal driver.

The minimum age is 25 and maximum age is 60 for all vehicle class.
A Young Driver Fee will apply for each driver between the ages of 21 and 24 at ₱ 500.00 per day, including tax.
A Senior Driver Fee will apply for each driver aged 61 to 75 at ₱ 500.00 per day, including tax. Driver over 75 is not allowed to drive.

Airport surcharge: 

Cash rental deposit: 
A flat deposit amount of ₱ 10,000.00 must be settled when you pick up the vehicle.
Any applicable additional charges will be deducted from the security deposit. Any remainder shall be returned.
Any charges over and above the security deposit shall be settled directly to the renting station at the end of the rental.

Chauffeur driven service: 
Chauffeur Services are available at select locations,contact us directly at reservations@europcar.com.ph
Chauffeur Services includes Airport or City Transfer, Hourly Car Hire and Daily Chauffeur Drive Service

Credit cards accepted: 
VISA and MASTERCARD are accepted Nationwide. AMEX and DINNERS CLUB are available at SELECT location only. Please check with the Station or Reservations prior to arrival.
For all 'pre-pay online' bookings, the person in whose name the vehicle is booked MUST be the person whose credit/debit card is used. This card must be presented on arrival. If you made your booking with a debit card, you will need to present the debit card and one or more credit cards (depending on the vehicle class) when picking-up the vehicle. At the time of rental there must be sufficient credit on your card to cover all charges including the excess/deductible amount.
In the event that you fail to present a valid credit card, there is a lack of sufficient funds available on the credit card or the credit card is not in the lead driver's name, we may refuse to release the vehicle. You are required to leave a security deposit via credit card. The deposit will be returned after the rental, as long as all conditions have been met. Due to fluctuating foreign exchange rates and other possible banking charges, we cannot be held responsible for any difference between the amount paid and the amount refunded.

Delivery / Collection: 
Delivery and Collection Service is available within the City Limits. Out of Town Delivery is not available. Delivery & Collect fees: Up to 10 kilometer from EUROPCAR station: ₱ 2,000 and Over 10 kilometer from EUROPCAR station: ₱ 2,000 + ₱ 100 per kilometer. Deliver and Collect is ON REQUEST.
Deliver and Collect service is a pre-paid service. You must pay 24 hours in advance all rental charges and security deposits. Booking will be confirmed to you once payment has been made. Deliver and Collect is available Monday to Sunday 0800H-1700H. Delivery will be made within a 1 hour time-slot agreed at the time of booking and collection within a 2 hour time-slot based on your selected time. All locations of Deliver and Collect service are subject for approval of EUROPCAR. We reserve the right to refuse the Deliver and Collect service if the location’s route and areas may affect the safety and security to the vehicle, its driver and/or Rental Sales Officer and other parties. The vehicle will be delivered at full tank of fuel and will be collected from you at full tank of fuel also. You are not responsible for the fuel used for delivery and collection. If we deliver to your home address, then you must give us 48 working hours’ notice and we will require proof of your home address, the address must be the same as both the payment card used to make the booking and driving license and you must be available to accept delivery of the vehicle and to sign the Rental Agreement. If we deliver to your business address or hotel, then you must give us 48 working hours’ notice and we will require proof of your employment at the premises (at the company) or your status as a guest (at the hotel) at the time of delivery and you must be available to accept delivery of the vehicle and to sign the Rental Agreement. If you are unable to provide us with the required information then we may refuse to leave the vehicle or we may ask you to complete the transaction at the our stations. We reserve the right to suspend, cancel or amend Deliver and Collect service at any time without giving prior notice
Contact directly at reservations@europcar.com.ph for more details about the service