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Please consult the specific rental requirements of the country where you will rent the vehicle using the corresponding listbox. Rental conditions per country are subject to change without prior notice. Please check at pick-up time.

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Full terms and conditions:

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Rate is inclusive of 12% VAT.

Additional driver: 
Additional Driver is available at ₱ 500.00 per day, including any applicable taxes. Up to two (2) Additional Drivers are allowed per Rental.
Unauthorised drivers are prohibited from driving the rental car. Protection Packages shall not cover any Unauthorized Driver/s.
The additional driver must be present at time of pickup and must fulfil the same age and licence criteria as the principal driver.

The minimum age is 25 and maximum age is 60 for all vehicle class.
A Young Driver Fee will apply for each driver between the ages of 21 and 24 at ₱ 500.00 per day, including tax.
A Senior Driver Fee will apply for each driver aged 61 to 75 at ₱ 500.00 per day, including tax. Driver over 75 is not allowed to drive.

Airport surcharge: 

Cash rental deposit: 
A flat deposit amount of ₱ 10,000.00 must be settled when you pick up the vehicle.
Any applicable additional charges will be deducted from the security deposit. Any remainder shall be returned.
Any charges over and above the security deposit shall be settled directly to the renting station at the end of the rental.

Chauffeur driven service: 
Chauffeur Services are available at select locations,contact us directly at reservations@europcar.com.ph
Chauffeur Services includes Airport or City Transfer, Hourly Car Hire and Daily Chauffeur Drive Service

Credit cards accepted: 
VISA and MASTERCARD are accepted Nationwide. AMEX and DINNERS CLUB are available at SELECT location only. Please check with the Station or Reservations prior to arrival.
For all 'pre-pay online' bookings, the person in whose name the vehicle is booked MUST be the person whose credit/debit card is used. This card must be presented on arrival. If you made your booking with a debit card, you will need to present the debit card and one or more credit cards (depending on the vehicle class) when picking-up the vehicle. At the time of rental there must be sufficient credit on your card to cover all charges including the excess/deductible amount.
In the event that you fail to present a valid credit card, there is a lack of sufficient funds available on the credit card or the credit card is not in the lead driver's name, we may refuse to release the vehicle. You are required to leave a security deposit via credit card. The deposit will be returned after the rental, as long as all conditions have been met. Due to fluctuating foreign exchange rates and other possible banking charges, we cannot be held responsible for any difference between the amount paid and the amount refunded.

Delivery / Collection: 
Delivery and Collection Service is available within the City Limits. Out of Town Delivery is not available. Delivery & Collect fees: Up to 10 kilometer from EUROPCAR station: ₱ 2,000 and Over 10 kilometer from EUROPCAR station: ₱ 2,000 + ₱ 100 per kilometer. Deliver and Collect is ON REQUEST.
Deliver and Collect service is a pre-paid service. You must pay 24 hours in advance all rental charges and security deposits. Booking will be confirmed to you once payment has been made. Deliver and Collect is available Monday to Sunday 0800H-1700H. Delivery will be made within a 1 hour time-slot agreed at the time of booking and collection within a 2 hour time-slot based on your selected time. All locations of Deliver and Collect service are subject for approval of EUROPCAR. We reserve the right to refuse the Deliver and Collect service if the location’s route and areas may affect the safety and security to the vehicle, its driver and/or Rental Sales Officer and other parties. The vehicle will be delivered at full tank of fuel and will be collected from you at full tank of fuel also. You are not responsible for the fuel used for delivery and collection. If we deliver to your home address, then you must give us 48 working hours’ notice and we will require proof of your home address, the address must be the same as both the payment card used to make the booking and driving license and you must be available to accept delivery of the vehicle and to sign the Rental Agreement. If we deliver to your business address or hotel, then you must give us 48 working hours’ notice and we will require proof of your employment at the premises (at the company) or your status as a guest (at the hotel) at the time of delivery and you must be available to accept delivery of the vehicle and to sign the Rental Agreement. If you are unable to provide us with the required information then we may refuse to leave the vehicle or we may ask you to complete the transaction at the our stations. We reserve the right to suspend, cancel or amend Deliver and Collect service at any time without giving prior notice
Contact directly at reservations@europcar.com.ph for more details about the service

Driving licence and ID Requirement: 
Foreign driver must have a driver's license written in English in order to drive in the Philippines or an International Driving Permit (IDP). An International Driving Permit (IDP) is valid only when accompanied with renters local driver’s license. A Foreign driver’s license is valid for a maximum of 90 days from the date of arrival in the Philippines. If foreign driver has no International Driving Permit (IDO) or his driver license is not written in English, foreign driver needs to get official translation at consulate/embassy.
All forms of documentation must be issued to the same person, in the same name, and presented together at the time of rental. All drivers must have held their driving license for at least 2 years. Additional ID's may be required.
Two (2) Philippines Government National I.D.'s are require for locals in absence of Passport.
Passport is mandatory for foreign renters.

Fuel Policy is full tank to full tank. Any tanks that are not full at the time of rental end shall be calculated accordingly with a 10% refueling fee.
In any case that incorrect fuel is loaded in the tank (i.e. diesel to gas tank; or gas to diesel tank), you will be responsible for all the expenses incurred for draining the tank and repair of any damages to the vehicle or costs to restore it to the condition in which it was released.


Europcar offers Protection Packages such as Basic Protection, Medium and Premium. Your rate is inclusive of Basic Protection also known as Basic Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) and Basic Theft Waiver (THW).  Basic Protection limits your liability up to excess amount.  If during the quotation process you have stated “I live in United States of America” or “I live in Canada”, the rates you will receive are exclusive of Basic Protection ( Basic Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) and Basic Theft Waiver (THW) ).  For US and CANADA Resident, you may already be covered of Basic Protections so we did not include it in the rental price. Please bring proof of your basic protections and USA or CANADA Residency to the rental stations. If you do need a basic protections you can purchase it to us and avoid paying for damage to your vehicle with no additional out of pocket expense & no increase to your personal policy due to an incident. Medium Protection reduces your financial liability in case of damage to the vehicle as a result of collision, theft or attempted theft. It also protects you in the event of damage to the windscreen, headlights or tires. Premium Protections waives your financial liability (Zero Excess) in case of damage to the vehicle, windscreen, mirrors, headlights and/or tyres as a result of collision, theft or attempted theft of the rented vehicle. 
Personal Accident Insurance (PAI)
By purchasing Medium or Premium Protection, you are also covered by Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) - Medical and Death benefits for bodily injury resulting from vehicle accident. Your are covered of accidental death benefits up to ₱ 200,000.00 per person based on your vehicle seating capacity and medical/hospital reimbursement up to ₱ 20,000.00 per person based on your vehicle seating capacity.
Compulsory Third Party Liability (CTPL)
By purchasing any Europcar Protection Package, your rented vehicle is covered of compulsory third party liability insurance. You are covered up to ₱100,000.00 Third Party Death Claim Accident, Excess Third Party Bodily Injury up to ₱450,000 medical / hospital reimbursement per accident, and Property Damage up to ₱ 500,000.00 per accident.

Excess: Damage Excess: For Economy(Toyota Vios or Similar) - ₱ 10,000.00, for Compact (Volkswagen Jetta or Similar) - ₱ 15,000.00, for Intermediate-Van(Toyota Innova or Similar) - ₱ 20,000.00, for Crossover SUV(Volkswagen Tiguan or Similar)  - ₱ 30,000.00, for Luxury Van (Toyota Super Grandia or Similar)  - ₱ 30,000.00 , & for Pick-Up (Toyota Hi-Lux or Similar)- ₱ 30,000.00. Theft Excess: For Economy(Toyota Vios or Similar) - ₱ 40,000.00, for Compact(Volkswagen Jetta or Similar)- ₱50,000.00, for Intermediate-Van(Toyota Innova or Similar) - ₱60,000.00, for Crossover SUV(Volkswagen Tiguan or Similar) - ₱70,000.00, for Luxury Van (Toyota Super Grandia or Similar)  - ₱80,000.00 , & for Pick-Up(Toyota Hi-Lux or Similar)- ₱80,000.00

One-way rentals: 
1) Domestic: Domestic One way rentals are permitted between SELECT STATIONS ONLY. The cost is between ₱ 2,000.00 and ₱ 5,000.00. If you enter a different return location to the pickup location, the one way rental fee will be included in the price displayed to you. The rental station must be advised of one-way rentals at the time of reservation or the start of the rental. In case the vehicle is returned in an unauthorised location, you will be charged a penalty amounting to ₱ 50,000.00
2) International: International One Way is not available in the Philippines.

Other services: 
Request Pick-up: Our pick-up service is available during normal business hours. To schedule your pick up time or make additional arrangements, please email or call our local rental station directly. Once picked up and back at the station, a friendly rental representative will complete your paper work and have you on the road in no time. Request pick-up service is ON REQUEST and may incur ADDITIONAL CHARGES. Please verify by contacting us directly at reservations@europcar.com.ph

Restriction of use: 
Inter-Island Trip: No Inter-Island Trip is allowed & the vehicle is not allowed to be driven outside the Philippines. It is not allowed to travels to areas where roads are not passable for cars or vans, especially flooded and lahar areas; and to inter-island trips; or shipment of vehicle via ferry or airplane. In the event you violated this condition, it may invalidate any insurance coverages and you shall pay for a penalty amounting to ₱ 50,000.00 and the vehicle is subject for repossession.
Unified Vehicular Volume Reduction Program: Metro Manila and other areas such as Baguio City, Cabanatuan, Cavite and Dagupan implements the Unified Vehicular Volume Reduction Program (UVVRP) or Number Coding Scheme. It is strictly imposed in most cities in the areas from 7AM until 7PM wherein vehicles with plates ending with a particular digit is banned on the road on given days (1 or 2 Mondays, 3 or 4 Tuesdays, 5 or 6 Wednesdays, 7 or 8 Thursdays, 9 or 0 Fridays). In case you will request for a number coding vehicle replacement, you must arrange it during the pick-up of the vehicle. For more information about the number coding and vehicle replacement arrangement, please contact us directly at reservations@europcar.com.ph.

Use of Winter Tyres: 
Not applicable in the Philippines.

Specific note: 
When and where applicable, Local Laws and Regulations shall supersede any and all arrangements made for reservations with Europcar Philippines, Europcar in the renter's home/originating country or any of its authorized bookers.
If any reservations have been prepaid (in part or in full), Europcar Philippines shall not be liable to refund or reimburse any unused portion of the paid rental. You must claim any refunds directly with the booking party or website where you have made reservation and payment. 

General Information: The Europcar Philippines Standard (Retail) Terms and Condition together with the supplementary information that is contained in these Philippines specific website terms will apply to all rentals that start in the  Philippines. A copy of the Europcar Philippines Standard (Retail) Terms and Condition will be attached to your confirmation email (if you are booking online or via our Reservation Center) or, if you haven’t pre-booked online or by phone, you will receive a copy when you collect your vehicle or when it is delivered to you (whichever applies). The Europcar Philippines Standard (Retail) Terms and Condition should be read in conjunction with the supplementary information that is provided in this Philippines specific website. Grace Period: You are allowed a 30 minute period of grace provided that the vehicle is returned within our hours of operation, exceeding this will pay any extra charges directly at the local rate. Early Returns: We do not issue refunds for unused days nor for charges paid directly on arrival in the event of the vehicle returning earlier than booked. Traffic Fines: Speeding, parking and other endorsements/fines are responsibility of the hirer in full. Europcar Philippines accepts no responsibility for any fine or payment. You are obliged to inform Europcar Philippines of any fines or parking tickets issued while the vehicle is being rented. Where Europcar Philippines receive a fine that was not settled when issued, the total cost of the fine, plus an administration fee will be charged to the main driver’s credit card. Upgrades: If on arrival you feel that the car you have booked is not suitable for your requirements, we will be happy to provide a larger vehicle if available. Upgrade charges are payable on arrival at the local daily rate. Car Category: Reservations and confirmation are for car category only, never for a specific make or model. Europcar Philippines maintain fleets with many different makes and models of similar size and configuration. Europcar Philippines reserves the right to provide similar or higher category cars to the customer than originally booked and paid for. Cancellation Policy: Cancellation fees (for prepaid rates only)- ● More than 48 hours’ notice will be free of charge. ● Less than 48 hours will up to 50 EUR or equivalent in Philippines currency (or the whole price of rental if value is lower). No Show Policy: No Show fees (for prepaid and pay-on-arrival rates)- ● 95 EUR or equivalent in Philippines currency, charged in case of "No Show” (or the whole price of rental if value is lower). Vehicle Return: You will return the vehicle in the same good operating condition to the return station by the date and time specified in the Rental Agreement (or sooner upon demand).  If the returned vehicle is deemed by the Rental Agent to be in need of deep cleaning due to excess soilage, pet hairs, smoke odor, smoke residue, etc. a cleaning fee of ₱ 1, 500.00 will be imposed to you. If necessary cleaning incurs downtime or extraordinary measure, additional fees will be charged to you. Customer Service: Our Reservations and Support Center can deal with any issues you may have. Please send an email to reservations@europcar.com.ph.