Terms & Conditions

Specific Terms per country

Please consult the specific rental requirements of the country where you will rent the vehicle using the corresponding listbox. Rental conditions per country are subject to change without prior notice. Please check at pick-up time.

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Deposit amount:
Total rental estimate+16 387 MAD

Additional driver:
2 ADD can be recorded with ADD fee: 700,00 MAD per rental and for each additional driver

Min age: 21 years old for all cars, except PDMD & LDAD for which 23 years old are required

Airport surcharge:
240,00 MAD for all airport
Additional surcharge of 700,00 for Essaouira APT and Nador APT

Cash rental deposit:
No Cash deposit is allowed at the check-out the deposit can be only by CREDIT CARD.

Chauffeur driven service:
On Request, with a fee of 540,00 MAD per day

Credit cards accepted:
All majors CC accepted: Visa, MasterCard, Amex, ...

Delivery / Collection:
On Request, authorized with add charge according to the distance

Driving licence:
Driving licence of 2 years min

It is paid by the Customer at the check-out time, and the Customer can return back the vehicle empty. In case that the Customer returned back the vehicle with a certain level and request for a refund, the service of refuelling of 200,00 MAD will be deducted.

Our rates include: liability to third party + LDW (CDW + THW) with an excess

One-way rentals:
1) Domestic: DOW: authorized with an additional charge for all rental durations
2) International: IOW : forbidden, not authorized & not insured

Restriction of use:
Using unpaved roads is not allowed, damages caused to the rented car on unpaved roads are not covered by insurance.

Specific note:
Deposit corresponds to the Excess value or at least to "1500 EUR" in MAD.
Pack Premium does not include personal effects (not insured in Morocco)
Valid driving licence + valid passport + valid CC are required to be produced at the check-out time.