The best places to discover in Germany

The Best Places To Discover In Germany

Germany is a fantastic place to visit. With its historical castles, medieval influence, charming cities and great beer there’s plenty to do in this culture-rich European country. When you visit Germany there’s much more to see than just the tourist hotspots.

Why not rent a car and head off the beaten track to the less busy parts of the country? This is the perfect opportunity to relax away from the hustle and bustle of the busy metropolitan city streets.

Here’s a list of some of Germany’s best places to visit whether you’re on a short break or a longer holiday.

Trier, Moselle region


This beautiful southwestern German city is like taking a step back in time. Lying on the banks of the Mosel River, Germany’s oldest city is home to many ancient remains from the Roman era. One of the most prominent is the “Porta Nigra,” a large fortified Roman gate which is one of the key landmarks of Trier. Trier also has a vast selection of places to eat, whether you want a snack in an outdoor café or fine dining at a high-quality restaurant. 

Why not take a romantic getaway trip and experience the magic of a Christmas market in Trier? A picturesque photo from the stone bridge across the Moselle River is the perfect memory of your visit. If you visit in spring or summer this is the ideal time to take a walk through the Mosel vineyards and sample the famous wine produced here.



Another one of Germany’s oldest cities is Ladenburg, located in the North of Baden-Württemberg. A stroll around the old part of the town will show you many examples of Germany’s stunning architecture. History lovers should visit nearby Heidelberg, the university city twinned with Cambridge, and home to the picturesque Heidelberg Castle and bridge that spans the River Neckar.

Another popular thing to do in Ladenburg is to visit the Automuseum Dr Carl Benz, which pays tribute to the career of the automotive pioneer Carl Benz. The museum is located in the original Benz factory that produced cars over 100 years ago. You can also visit Carl Benz’s impressive house which has been turned into a museum.


The Best Places To Discover In Germany

If you’re looking for a quaint village to explore you’ll love Harz. Harz is located in the heart of Germany and is the home of many fairy tales. With its dense, dark forests, tiny windowed houses and mountain backdrop, the Harz region conjures up images of wicked witches and eerie caverns. Indeed, many fairy tales were born here… Cinderella, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Hansel and Gretel…did you know the fairy tales you grew up with originated in Germany?

The region also boasts around 5,000 miles of well-signposted footpaths and cycle routes for you to discover. There are also numerous nature reserves and many small towns and villages with old churches and town halls. There are also museums to see, steam trains to ride and an old ore mine which was used years ago by the Romans.

Saxony, Eastern Germany


An area of outstanding beauty, this eastern region of Germany is another place that should be on your German bucket list. It comprises many hill and mountain ranges, the largest being the Ore Mountains. Whilst in Saxony you can visit the scenic Elbe River Valley and the Saxon Switzerland mountains which offer hundreds of climbing trails for all levels of walkers.

Saxony was originally bombed by the Anglo-Americans in 1939 but was reconstructed in a bid to unify east and west Germany. The most famous buildings that have been reconstructed are the Frauenkirche Church and Zwinger complex which take inspiration from Versailles. You should also visit the cities of Dresden and Leipzig whilst you’re in Saxony, to learn more about this fascinating area.


The Best Places To Discover In Germany

Freiburg is located in southwest Germany’s Black Forest and has some stunning surroundings around the main city. It’s most famous for being a university town and Freiburg University is one of the oldest in Germany. The city is a delight to wander around, with its little cobblestone alleys and Baroque, Renaissance and Gothic architecture.

When in Freiburg you should take a trip to the old town where you’ll find Freiburg Cathedral, a blend of Romanesque and Gothic style architecture that stands 116 metres high. At the foot of the cathedral, is Münster Platz and the Münstermarkt where you can sample tasty delicacies such as bratwurst, locally made apple juice and of course the famous Black Forest Gateau!

The easiest way to enjoy some of the lesser-known spots in Germany is to rent a car and explore at your own pace. Car rental gives you flexibility and the opportunity to stop whenever you wish.

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