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A proven track record and key players in the vehicle hire industry Europcar has a proven track record in the rental market. The Europcar brand was created over 70 years ago, and the company has always kept up with the times. Across the decades Europcar acquired and absorbed other rental businesses. We have partnered with airlines around the world including Delta, Emirates, Oman Air and Air Europa. We are also partnered with the rewards scheme Miles and More. The latter company offers rewards to passengers on 13 different European major airlines. Miles and More customers get preferential rates with Europcar. The advantage of all this is that you can both earn and redeem airline miles with Europcar. A dedicated experienced team to support you
Europcar has unrivalled expertise in every aspect of the car or van rental market. Europcar offers a dedicated service to travel agents as well as to individual customers. We know how to manage a partnership with all the different industries within travel and tourism. We connect with the train and airline networks and hotels too. We can provide the different sectors of the travel industry with data to help them increase their bookings as well as ours. That way both customers and providers reap the benefits. And it is easier for all of us.
Dedicated customer service with a high standard of service Europcar has a wide range of vehicles available. Customers can choose from compact fuel-efficient city cars and eco-friendly models. We also keep up with the latest technology and have a range of electric and hybrid cars. If you want luxury, we can provide something special for any occasion. You can make your selection from the most prestigious car brands available. Business users can take advantage of our supersites strategically located to allow fast delivery of commercial vehicles . We can tailor van rentals to the needs of any business. Attractive rates for your customers
Europcar specialises in alternatives to vehicle-ownership. All types of solution are possible from holiday use to long-term rentals. Long-term renting can be very economical with our special deals. When booking online customers can take advantage of great offers. There are no hidden extras. We have a large fleet of well-maintained vehicles. Your rental is just a few clicks away. We also have a price match guarantee. A discount will be given and made on the partner's website directly.