myEuropcar Your car subscription by Europcar

myEuropcar car subscription from 1 month+ with a monthly flat rate except fuel*

Why is the myEuropcar car subscription just right for you?

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Monthly flat rate*

Your myEuropcar car subscription always includes a basic mileage package. And we don't charge a application fee either!

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Complete flexibility

Choose the minimum term of your myEuropcar car subscription according to your needs. 1 or 3 months - the longer the minimum term, the lower your monthly fixed price. After the minimum term you can terminate your subscription on a monthly basis or simply continue driving up to 12 months.

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Use instead of own

With the myEuropcar car subscription, there are no acquisition costs or value loss and you always drive a vehicle with the latest technology. If your circumstances change, you can simply subscribe to a new car that suits your needs better.

How does the myEuropcar car subscription work?

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1. Individualize your car subscription

Customize your car subscription: Vehicle category, minimum term and inclusive miles. You can further individualize your subscription with additional services.

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2. Get in and start driving

Pick-up your car at the preferred pick-up location. Let's go - start driving without any worries. We'll take care of the rest!

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3. Keep driving

You decide how long you want to use your subscription. After the minimum term, it is automatically extended by one month at a time – you don’t have to worry about anything!

Select your minimum term

The longer the minimum term, the lower your monthly fixed price will be

Do you have any further questions about the myEuropcar car subscription?

How to proceed to a myEuropcar subscription?

You can subscribe online. 1. Select the category of vehicle that fits your needs and the minimum duration that you want. 2. Select your optional extras 3. Enter your personal information during the booking process 4. Confirm your subscription with myEuropcar

Do I have to pay for a deposit?

A $500 deposit will be charged on your credit card for your myEuropcar Vehicle. We will refund it as soon as all the other amounts due to Europcar are settled. It will be done at the latest 15 days after the return of the myEuropcar Vehicle.

Once my booking is completed, how long do I have to wait before picking up the myEuropcar Vehicle?

Once my booking is completed, how long do I have to wait before picking up the myEuropcar Vehicle? A lead time of at least 5 days is required after completing your booking before picking up your myEuropcar vehicle.

Can I choose to extend the subscription after the initial minimum term?

Yes, the subscription will be automatically extended until you cancel your subscription - up to 12 months.

Will I get the vehicle that I have booked?

You book a category of vehicle that includes several vehicles that are comparable. We cannot give you the guarantee of a specific brand or model. Some examples of vehicle models in a particular category are displayed when you select that category.

*The monthly flat rate includes: Miles package (1,000 miles/month), registration costs, maintenance and wear and tear repairs, inspections and general inspections as well as booked additional services. The cost of fuel is not included in the price.