Europcar Specific Terms and Conditions per Coutry

Terms & Conditions

Specific Terms per country

Please consult the specific rental requirements of the country where you will rent the vehicle using the corresponding listbox. Rental conditions per country are subject to change without prior notice. Please check at pick-up time.

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Airport Surcharge:



18 years.

Additional Driver:

Details are available from Europcar Reservation Office.

Driving licence:

Local driving licence must be held for at least one year.


Warning: Japan has very strict policy on International Driver's Permit. You are not allowed to drive without holding valid international driver's permit. Please see more info below for customers.


International Driving Permit (IDP) for driving in Japan

International Driving permit based on "Geneva Convention of Road Traffic 1949" should be presented at the time of pick up.     
It is the only International driving permit acceptable in order to drive in Japan. Except, presenting Japanese translation  of your domestic driver's license that you can get at the Japanese embassy is also permitted if you have the domestic driver's license issued in Swiss, Germany, France, Italy, Belgium and Taiwan. You also need to present your original driving license with the international permit or translation. 


No other exception is allowed, especially note the following international permit or license is INVALID and UNACCEPTABLE in Japan.

  • International Driving Permit based on Vienna Convention 1968
  • Any other international driving license issued by unauthorized agencies (such as IAA

Cash Rental Deposit:

Cash rental deposit not accepted.

Credit Cards Accepted:

American Express , Diners Club, Euro Card, Master  Card, Visa.


Deductible Collision Damage, C.D.W. , S.C.D.W. Non operating charges always apply , can not be waived.Depend on rented Sipp codes. Details are available from Europcar Reservation Office.

Delivery / Collection:

Delivery and Collection not available.

One -Way rentals:

A) Domestic: Not Available. B) International : Not Available.

Other Services:

Child Seat Baby, Child Seat Toddler, Child Seat Infant, Snow Tyres, Snow Chains, Ski Rack available on request.

Chauffeur Driven Service:

Not available.